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Sunrise Wealth Management

Investment Philosophy

Our vision and focus is to provide you with a higher level of service by focusing on your net worth and the needs of your family and future generations. While the investment portfolio remains an integral part of meeting your objectives, real success is achieved only through building your net worth.

We understand that our team, although educated, experienced and motivated, are not experts in all financial areas. For this reason, we work closely with a network of outside professionals, or your team of professionals, to build and implement the strategies needed for long-term success.

To realize this vision, our firm is built on four principles. These are Net Worth Management, Negotiated Fees, Professional Team and Unbridled Service.

Net Worth Management Unlike most wealth management firms, our value centers around growing your Net Worth since this represents the "pool of assets" that will help you achieve your goals. We focus on your total assets and help manage your liabilities, to create the highest level of Net Worth possible.

Negotiated Fees As fee-only advisors our fees are based on the services we provide or the market value of your investment portfolios or other assets. The fees are negotiated at the onset of the engagement based on the varied services that bring value to our relationship. We never receive commissions for transactions we conduct on your behalf.

Professional Team We understand the benefits and importance of bringing together professionals from different disciplines to help you reach your objectives. We help you put together your own "team of professionals" and periodically meet with them to ensure your needs are met.

Unbridled Service Our service is not constrained by what we believe you need, rather we tailor our service to what you tell us you require. We listen to you when you tell us how we can make your life better, and then deliver that service to you - when you want it!

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