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We service a variety of clients each having a unique set of circumstances and needs. While we provide our services using highly structured processes, we are able to tailor these to help you achieve an outcome that meets your needs. We individualize our services in two ways:

  • Scope of Engagement - We work closely with you to determine how we can best assist you in meeting your needs. Whether it is a comprehensive Financial Plan, Net Worth Management, Investment Management or Family Legacy, we can structure an engagement that is right for you.
  • Implementing our Services - Once we have entered into an engagement, we continue to tailor our services and their implementation to your needs and desires.

We offer a variety of services to assist you with your financial affairs:

Financial Planning - Our Financial Planning service is designed to assist you with management of your financial life. Together, we will develop a plan that is tailored to your needs. Financial Planning can be comprehensive in nature or limited to focus on only certain planning areas in which you need assistance. The duration of each engagement is also determined by your needs, which might entail an ongoing relationship or one that is more limited, such as a one-time plan or an hourly engagement that focuses on specific planning areas

Investment Management - This service is offered in conjunction with financial planning or by itself. Financial planning is an important step in helping you reach your goals. Equally important is how this plan, especially the investment plan, is implemented. For this reason, investment management is a natural extension of our services and is usually the centerpiece of our client relationships. However, we recognize that some clients or type of accounts do not require financial planning in order for us to manage their assets. In these cases, we do no planning but manage the investment assets considering the client's investment objective, risk tolerance and time-horizon.




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